The Story of the Fire Bell

10th Dec 2015

Once upon a time there were two friends named B and E. Everyday they would enjoy their painting, playing outside and helping with chores. One day while playing in the daycare they noticed a red fire pull station on the […]

Importance of Team-work

8th Apr 2015

Importance of Team-work In the center children involve in different activities that emphasize team-work. Teamwork requires children to work cooperatively with others towards a shared purpose. For a team to work together effectively, it takes all members of the team […]

Our Curriculum

16th Mar 2015

For our Curriculum, our center is working towards blending our current emergent curriculum with the Abecedarian Approach. (play-based learning) The Abecedarian`s focus is that Language is the first building block in a child;s development. The Abecedarian approach that we are […]

Feeding your child

5th Jun 2014

Fact: When a baby cries there is a reason! Foods to limit and keep away from you child: Refined sugar and sugar products White flour products Packaged or processed foods (foods that have been altered from original state) Foods that […]


28th May 2012

Curriculum focus Rolling, personal power to make things move, cars, trucks, balls, circular blocks, round lids, almost anything that rolls has been a repetitive interest in one of our rooms. The environment has lots of ramps, flat boards, long rolls […]


28th May 2012

Snow Fun We enjoyed playing outside on this beautiful day. We challenged ourselves by walking through the deep snow making Dinosaur prints. We also made snow angels and rolled down the hills. The climber was so much fun because it […]


28th May 2012

We believe that children learn through play and encourage choice, respect and a positive feeling about oneself. Play enables children to make sense of their world.

Story Time

4th May 2012

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