The Story of the Fire Bell

10th Dec 2015

Once upon a time there were two friends named B and E. Everyday they would enjoy their painting, playing outside and helping with chores.

One day while playing in the daycare they noticed a red fire pull station on the wall.

B found her friend E and together they pushed a chair up to the wall, pulling the handle down.

All of a sudden, a loud bell began to ring.

DING, DING, DING…. it clanged

B and E were so scared of the loud sound they sat down, covered their ears and began to cry. The teachers heard the bell gathered the other children and took them outside where it was safe.

The firefighters in their fire trucks came to the daycare to make sure all was safe.

One of the teachers named Sherryll noticed the girls were crying and asked ” What’s wrong B and E?”.

“We pulled it and it was scary!” said E

“It was so loud.” announced B

“Yes, it was really loud. It is used for when there is a real fire.” replied Sherryll. “Grown-ups pull it to tell everyone there is a fire and to go outside. It also tells the firefighters that there is a fire in the building. We shouldn’t pull it unless there is a fire because the firefighters might need to go fight a real fire”

“B and E, lets go find other things around the daycare we use in case of a fire.” said Sherryll “That’s a fire extinguisher. It’s used by grown-ups to put out small fires.That’s the EXIT sign. It shows use where outside is.”

“Let’s go find the smoke detectors. They are located on the ceilings in the room. They detect smoke from a fire.”

“Here it is!” shouted B

“Great.” replied Sherryll. “Now you know about all the things that help us if there is a fire and you will always be safe.”

Written by: B, E and Sherryll