Curriculum focus

Rolling, personal power to make things move, cars, trucks, balls, circular blocks, round lids, almost anything that rolls has been a repetitive interest in one of our rooms. The environment has lots of ramps, flat boards, long rolls to promote further exploration.  The children, 15 month  to 24 months have been trying out what rolls and what doesn’t, along with sounds the rolling can produce. staff will continue to add a variety rolling items large and small to the environment for the children to discover and explore in their own way.

 Sept 25 front 006Other areas of repetitive interest has been role playing. The children are interested in the world around them and what their caregivers do. As they try out what they see, they are making sense of people’s actions.  There has been lots of interest in doll and baby care, cleaning and wiping tables and chairs, stirring in the kitchen area and buckling the buckles on their chairs. In addition, books, pictures, recognizing familiar objects are ever present interests. Singing and dancing, running and moving are other ways the children can interact and see what they are capable of doing and remembering.

The world outside is an ever present source of things to see, hear, and touch. As summer moves into fall, growth, and change has been a inspirational ongoing area of interest as we notice and attend to what the children see.



“Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try”

– Dr. Seuss

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